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toast of war 2...later, jumpman...GETTIN STARTED

2009-07-28 02:47:31 by rezaiman

as of now, there are no plans of when we will really get the ball rolling (if we ever do) on toast of war 2.

HOWEVER my brother and i are about to get things going on a long delayed project game which may or may not be called JUMPMAN

i'm going to make extra sure that this game will be super fun and filled with beautiful love juices, because that's all i want...and awesomely awesome animation :)

more info in the future.

toast of war 2...later, jumpman...GETTIN STARTED

toast of war 2!

2007-09-16 12:22:44 by rezaiman

toast of war 2 is being maded. gameplay is going to be completely different and we're gonna make it 1000 times better than the first one.

some striking differences with the game is that the game will include the not only can you move right and left and jump, but you can move left and right, jump, and move up and down. we're also focusing on the combat part of the game a lot more. most weapons wont only shoot, but have a/some melee attacks as well. also, you won't just headbutt this time, but have a whole array of different types of attacks.

i wouldn't expect this to be done anytime soon, we are spending our time with this one, unlike toast of war, where we met the deadline without it being polished or even finished!

if you guys have any suggestions to give GO FOR IT, whether you're suggesting attack moves, weapons, enemies, levels, vehicles, etc. etc. i will look at all your suggestions and if they're TOTALLY FAB they'll be in the game!


2007-07-18 13:53:45 by rezaiman