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Entry #3

toast of war 2...later, jumpman...GETTIN STARTED

2009-07-28 02:47:31 by rezaiman

as of now, there are no plans of when we will really get the ball rolling (if we ever do) on toast of war 2.

HOWEVER my brother and i are about to get things going on a long delayed project game which may or may not be called JUMPMAN

i'm going to make extra sure that this game will be super fun and filled with beautiful love juices, because that's all i want...and awesomely awesome animation :)

more info in the future.

toast of war 2...later, jumpman...GETTIN STARTED


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2009-07-28 03:32:01

awesome toast of war!!!!!!!


2009-10-17 12:06:20

But you HAVE to make Toast of War 2!


2010-03-14 01:03:29

Good Luck, I hope to enjoy it in the future. :D


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